Frequently Asked Questions

We're looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming Premier Bride Expo! If you have questions about attending or exhibiting at an upcoming event, click the headings below to find the answers to your questions.

1. What happens if I can’t print my tickets?
Don’t worry, we can verify your online registration online and check you in!  We will email you tickets to
you, as a reminder, Saturday before the show. You can also show use your mobile ticket on your phone
and/or we can look you up by your order number and last name!

2. Can I buy tickets at the door?
Yes, discounted tickets are sold online or you can buy tickets at the door.  Please bring cash or check to
purchase your tickets.  ATM’s are onsite but sometimes they do not work.  We do have credit card
payments with square, but if the internet is having issues, we cannot process payment. 

3. Where is the Premier Bride Expo in Jacksonville?
Our Jacksonville wedding expo is located at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.  The physical address is; 1000 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202.  

4. Where is the Premier Bride Expo in St. Augustine?
Our St. Augustine wedding expo is located at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village.  The physical address is; 500 South Legacy Trail, St. Augustine FL 32092.  Please park in the convention center parking area and not the circular drive to the hotel. 

5. What should I bring to the Premier Bride Expo?

  • If you would like to save time…bring peel and stick labels that have your information printed on them. Include names, address, phone number, email address, wedding date and wedding location. You can purchase them online for $5 per sheet of 30. A sheet of labels is also included when you purchase an elevated ticket.
  • We also suggest you bring your fiancé and/or friends or family members who are helping you make wedding decisions.
  • Bring your credit card! Some vendors offer discounted rates for booking at the show and you might want to take advantage of their offers.
  • Any inspirations you have! It’s great to show vendors your vision!

6.Are there prizes at the Premier Bride Expo?
Yes, there are a lot of prizes and give-aways at the Premier Bride Expo.  This is why we suggest labels!
 Many vendors have registrations at their booth and the expo has prizes and give-aways throughout the
show.  We also give away prizes with our emcee around 15 minutes towards the end of the expo.

7. Who should I bring to the Premier Bride Expo?
Bring the wedding decision-makers with you to the wedding show.  We always encourage the engaged
couple to attend together.  If your parents are involved and paying for the wedding, it is a good idea to
invite them as well.  Sometimes large groups of people can be overwhelming because everyone has their own opinion…so it is up to the couple on who they want to bring! 

8. Are kids allowed to come?
Yes, kids are allowed but not encouraged.  Kids under 5 are free but over 5 need to purchase a ticket.
 Many vendors have extravagant displays and breakables – so you might enjoy the expo more if you don’t have watch out for little ones!

9. Is Premier Bride Expo LGTB friendly? 
Yes, no couple will ever be turned away.  Some vendors will display equality signs inside their booth.
 However, not all LGTB friendly vendors display the sign.  

10. Are there different vendors at the Jacksonville and St. Augustine expos?
Yes! There are always different vendors at each expo. You will see some of the same vendors at each
expo but some vendors only do the Jacksonville expo and some vendors only do the St. Augustine Expo.

11. What makes Premier Bride Expo different from other wedding expos?
Premier Bride Expo is the ONLY locally owned and operated large wedding expo in NEFL. Since 2000,
Premier Bride Magazine and the Premier Bride Expos have helped couples and vendors connect. The
other wedding expos are not locally owned. Support small business!

12. How many Premier Bride Expos are there?
Four in Northeast Florida. We have two at the Prime Osborn; every January and June and two at the
Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village; every February and September.

13. What are the Silent Seminars?
Have you heard about silent discos? Well, silent seminars allow you wear headphones and hear our
amazing speakers clearly…canceling out all of the noise of the expo. Each speaker is going to talk about hot trends in weddings, important wedding planning tips and much more! Make sure you grab a program at the registration tables to get the Silent Seminar Topics and times!

13 What is the Signature Cocktail Lounge?
The Signature Cocktail Lounge is a fun lounge space is designed around the theme of the expo! This is also where you can redeem your “Signature Cocktail Ticket” or purchase the “Signature Cocktail” for the expo. Each expo, a signature cocktail and mocktail are created. If you purchase an ELEVATED
TICKET, a drink ticket will be inside your bag for redemption. If you don’t purchase the elevated ticket,
signature cocktails are available to purchase. Must be 21 and present ID.

14. What is an Elevated Ticket?
Elevate your Premier Bride Expo experience with a customized gift bag and goodies for the bride/groom! 

For $40 your bag will include the following;

  • One canvas tote bag, customized with: The Future Mrs/Mr  “Insert New Last Name”
  • One pair of beaded bride-inspired earrings OR Groom tumbler*
  • One sheet of 30 mailing labels (must complete the mailing label info below)
  • One ticket to enter the Premier Bride Expo
  • One Signature Drink Ticket. An alcoholic version and a mocktail version will be available.  Must be 21 and bring ID to be served alcohol.    
  • Other trinkets and goodies provided by Premier Bride Expo Vendors

*Depends if you check Mrs. or Mr. for the canvas tote bag

15. What is the Engaged Question Booth?
Visit the Engaged Question Booth and answer a question about YOUR wedding planning process on
camera. A video will be complied of all the answers after each expo!

16. What do the bead colors mean?

  • Pink Beads = Brides
  • Blue Beads = Grooms
  • Gold Beads = Decision Makers and/or parents getting info for kids
  • Green Beads = Social Distancing

Beads are given out at the registration tables!


1. How do I sign up to be a vendor?
All vendors sign up via our website!  Each vendor needs to create a profile online.  Once you create your user name and password you can log-in any time and change the information on your profile.  

2. How is the show advertised?
The Premier Bride Expo creates a detailed adverting and marketing plan for each expo.  Our goal is to
attract serious brides and grooms to the expo so vendors can book business.  First, the shows are
supported by Premier Bride Magazine of Northeast Florida.  This publication is in over 300 locations from Amelia Island to Palm Coast and everywhere in between.  Premier Bride Expo has an elaborate
marketing plan that includes a lot of digital, targeted ads. We utilize SEO, paid ads, banner ads, social
media paid ads, QR Codes, email campaigns and so much more. We print tickets, post cards, and flyers and distribute marketing material all over NE Florida. As the advertising options change and adjust , so do we!

3. Are there category limits?
Yes, there are strict category limits for each show.  This ensures a great ROI for vendors and gives brides and grooms a great variety.  Direct marketing companies are limited to one vendor spot per show.  Call or email for more details. 

4. What is included in my booth?
Each booth includes pipe, drape, a banquet table, chairs, linens,  sign for your business,  WIFI, 2 lunch
tickets, bottle water, inserting bag stuffers and the leads list.  Each booth is 10x10 in size.  A hightop table is 5x5 in space and includes the same things except the table is a 30 inch round table instead of a
banquet table, and 1 lunch ticket instead of 2.  Hightop tables are restricted to certain categories.  We
also provide a staff to help you load in and out, carts that make load in and load out easy for you!

5.Where do I send my bag stuffers?
Our mailing address for bag stuffers and check is: 1800 Manchester Ct S, St Johns, FL 32259.  Bag
stuffers are included in your booth price, you just supply the stuffers. If you can’t participate in the expo,
but want to provide stuffers, the cost is $100. Please make all checks payable to Premier Bride or pay
online. Bag stuffers for the standard bags can be anything you like! You can provide business cards, rack cards, post cards or a trinket! Bag stuffers for the elevated bags MUST be a trinket of some type. Nail files, koozies, chap stick, pens, hair ties, etc.

6. Is there a scavenger hunt for brides and grooms?
No, we want serious brides and grooms, not people who are only there to win prizes.  

7. Is there live music at the show?
Yes, we have a music stage where musicians and bands play short sets.  This allows brides, grooms,
friends and families an area to sit and relax during the expo.  

8. Is there a fashion show?
No, we do not have a fashion show before, after, or during the Premier Bride Expo.  Our vendors have
expressed they don’t want a fashion show, so we do not host one.  Instead, we offer our bridal and groom attire vendors a special stage next to their booth where they can display garments or have live models.  

9. What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations of booth space less than 45 days prior to the show are subject to a 100% cancellation fee, less add-on fees such as electricity and additional rentals.

10. Can I be a speaker for the Silent Seminars?
Yes, you can submit your idea on your seminar topic to We only select 3-4 speakers per expo so not everyone can be selected. However, we try to rotate speakers so there aredifferent topics at each expo.

11. Can I sponsor the Signature Cocktail Lounge?
Yes, each expo we have a lounge sponsor and signature cocktail maker. Email for details.

12. Is the leads list included in the cost of your booth?
Yes, you will receive the leads list the FRIDAY after the expo. DO NOT BUY THE LIST FROM ANYONE. It is 100% a scam. They don’t have the list BEFORE the expo…and they don’t have it after it.

13. What makes Premier Bride Expo different?
Premier Bride Expo is the ONLY locally owned and operated wedding expo at the Prime Osborn and the Renaissance Resort. Since 2000, we have help connect vendor and couples. We are a small business in NE Florida and we LOVE supporting other small businesses in NE Florida.

14. Are there discounts?
Yes, return exhibitors get a discount. Vendors who participate in the 4 Expo Program get a discount and
the biggest discount is applied to exhibitors who advertise in Premier Bride Magazine.