10 Tips on Bridal Shows

10 Tips


1.      Heading out to a bridal show: Be sure you are comfortable from your shoes to your hair! Dress for comfort…that is up to you!

2.      You’ll find that at bridal shows you will be filling out SO many things that even your hands will become achy. This is why we suggest you come prepared with labels that include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, the city you are getting married in and wedding date printed on them. This way you can easily enter the various giveaways and promotions and save a whole lot of time.

3.      Think about creating a separate email just for your wedding.  It will be easy to keep everything in order from all your wedding vendors and planner.

4.      Don’t go to a bridal show alone! Bring your fiancé and if they can’t come, ask mom or some of your close friends who are decision makers for the wedding!  

5.      When attending a bridal show it can be handy to have swatches of material or ribbons with your wedding colors on them.

6.      Take all the brochures you can from the bridal expo. You might not think you need information about bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts now but who knows, things have a way of creeping up on you.

7.      Take a lot of pictures at the Premier Bride Expo.There might not be too many things you can snap up, but you may be able to snap a photo!  

8.      Wear a cute bride-to-be T-Shirt, hat, or sticker to the bridal shows. You will look cute and you WILL receive special attention from the vendors. Seriously, it works.

9.      There will be a lot for you to see at bridal shows. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed or discouraged. These events tend to bring out more emotion than you may anticipate. If you need to, just take it all in.

10.  Pre-register for the show at www.PremierBrideExpo.com


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