About Premier Bride Expo


Unlocking the Magic: The Golden Ticket Experience at Premier Bride Expo!

Attention all brides-to-be and wedding enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on a journey of excitement and surprises at the upcoming Premier Bride Expo on February 18th. In addition to the plethora of wedding vendors and inspiration awaiting you at the expo, we're thrilled to introduce a special treasure hunt – "The Golden Ticket" experience!

5 Reasons to Come to the Premier Bride Expo

  1. It's all about YOU! Your wedding is your big day shared with your finance. The wedding vendors at the Premier Bride Expo want to share in your excitement and make your day as special as possible. Come talk about your inspirations with wedding pros.
  2. Meet your vendors in person! It's a great way for a casual meet and greet to see if personalities are a match!

Industrial Chic - Premier Bride Expo - Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village

The Premier Bride Expo image for our “Industrial Chic” expo on February 19th at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village is one of our favorites to date.  This image was shot with the collaboration of many Premier Bride vendors.

Butterfly Garden Themed Wedding

At each Premier Bride Expo an extra special twist is added to each show that brides and vendors enjoy…our shows are themed.  Vendors are encouraged to decorate their booth according to each theme and the entrance ways and stages also reflect the show theme.

Wedding themes are very popular.  It is not just about colors anymore but brides and grooms are looking to set a mood that can be carried through from the invitations to ceremony to the reception  and all of the special elements in between.