Designing Your Bridal Show Booth

Once you have purchased a booth for the upcoming expo…it is time to start thinking about the design of the booth.

A great place to start, if you need help, is to follow the theme of the show.  Some of the bridal expo themes have included; Moroccan Nights, Once Upon a Time, Nautical Romance, Midnight Masquerade, Love Birds, Southern Charm, Sea of Love, and many more! Each theme has a special logo and a color pallet that we follow.

Booth requests are possible with our bridal show!  When you are signing up, you can indicate a specific booth number or give a request to be on a corner, wall, or in another location. 

If you are designing a special booth, let us know if you need a special location because of the entrance to the booth or the walls.  Also think about other factors like “Do you need electricity?”  Many of our locations electric is included in the price of your booth, in some locations it is an additional charge. 

Remember, you want to decorate your booth so brides, grooms and her friends and family know exactly what you do.  Make your booth a reflection of your business! Bring examples of what you do and try to display it in a creative way.  Your goal is to attract the attention of the bride or groom and to make them want more information about your business!

Below are some great booths….enjoy and good luck!