Do's and Don'ts For Bridal Show Booths

Here are some simple, easy tips to keep in mind when you are an exhibitor at the Premier Wedding Expo!

  1. Do smile and have fun, it will give a great first impression!
  2. Do greet everyone in friendly manner.
  3. Do give a discount for anyone booking or purchasing at the show or extend a discount if they book an appointment with you at the show!
  4. Do not sit down at your booth if you can physically help it.
  5. Do take breaks one worker at time. We pass out bottle water to all of our vendors but make sure you drink plenty of fluids, you will be doing a lot of talking!
  6. Do not leave the show early or start breaking down your booth early.
  7. Do not speak negatively of the competition.
  8. Do praise your own work.