Premier Bride Expo - February 20 - St. Augustine

The Premier Bride Expo is Northeast Florida’s PREMIER wedding expo.  Premier Bride magazine has been helping couples plan their wedding in the area for over 20 years. Tens of thousands of couples haven used Premier Bride magazine and attended the Premier Bride Expos. 

When you attend an expo you get the chance to meet vendors face to face.  You learn about their business, get to see their work up close and personal and get a glimpse of their personalities.   It’s really one of the very best ways to find your wedding vendors.  Many vendors also offer discounts and special deals if you book at the expo or set up a meeting a meeting or appointment at the expo.  We all love to save money and get deals…and the expos is a great place to make that happen! 

When attending an expo here are some helpful tips;

·        Purchase the mailing labels.  For $5 you can get 30 mailing labels with your information printed on them.  These help you quickly register for prizes and to get more information from vendors

·        Make a list.  Make a list of categories of wedding vendors you need to speak with.  This will help you find who you want to chat with. 

·        Only bring the major decision makers with you.  The more people you bring the more opinions you have to hear.  It’s great to bring your finance and one or maybe two others.

·        Buy your tickets online, it will save you money.

·        Make a day of it.  Grab brunch before the expo or dinner after the expo and enjoy being engaged and the planning process.

·        Pick up your copy of Premier Bride magazine at the expo.  It’s a great planning source with lots of great articles and tips for planning your wedding.

·        Go to more then one expo.  You can’t possibly find every single vendor one expo…so go to multiple ones!

Make sure you don’t miss the Premier Bride Expo on February 20 2022 at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village in St. Augustine Florida.  It’s the last big wedding expo before summer….so miss out on planning your big day! 

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