Premier Bride Expo - September 10th - Renaissance Resort at WGV

Hey, lovebirds of the 904! If you're on the hunt for the coolest wedding expo in town, look no further. The Premier Bride Expo is here to give your wedding dreams a turbo boost. Get ready to dive into the awesomeness that makes this expo the absolute best in Jacksonville!

All the Wedding Magic in One Place

Imagine walking into a place bursting with wedding magic. That's the Premier Bride Expo for you! It's like a treasure chest of ideas – from jaw-dropping wedding themes to dazzling dresses and dapper suits. Your Pinterest board will be totally jelly of the inspiration explosion waiting for you here!

Meet Your Wedding Dream Team

Picture this: you're surrounded by friendly faces who live and breathe weddings. At Premier Bride Expo, you get to rub elbows with top-notch photographers, DJs, florists, and more. These are the peeps who can turn your wildest wedding dreams into reality. And guess what? You can chat them up and learn all their secret tips!

Nom Your Way to Wedding Bliss

Let's talk about the ultimate nom-fest – the food! Premier Bride Expo isn't just a feast for your eyes, it's a feast for your taste buds too. Think bite-sized wedding cakes, mouthwatering appetizers, and treats that'll make your tummy do a happy dance. Plus, you could find your dream caterer while chowing down. How cool is that?

Saving Bucks in Style

Weddings can be pricey, but Premier Bride Expo is like your personal money-saving fairy. Loads of vendors dish out exclusive deals and discounts just for expo-goers. It's like a sale extravaganza for your wedding checklist. So you can have the wedding of your dreams without giving your wallet a major workout!

Giveaways Galore: A Winning Bonanza

Hold onto your bouquet, because Premier Bride Expo brings the excitement with mind-blowing giveaways! We're talking dreamy getaways and pampering spa sessions. It's like winning the wedding lottery. Imagine the extra oomph these prizes will add to your big day. Major bonus points, right?

Fashion Frenzy

From dazzling dresses to sleek suits and chic bridesmaid gear, it's like a wedding fashion extravaganza. Say "hello" to endless inspiration for your picture-perfect look!

Wedding Planning Date Day

Hey, couples – listen up! Premier Bride Expo isn't just for brides. It's the perfect date day for you and your partner-in-crime. Hold hands, munch on treats, and geek out over all things wedding. It's like a fun team-building adventure that ends with you being the ultimate wedding-planning superheroes!

There you have it, 904 lovebirds! The Premier Bride Expo is your golden ticket to wedding planning paradise. It's where inspiration meets expert advice, tasty bites, and the chance to score big. So grab your partner, mark your calendar, and get ready for a day packed with fun, love, and everything you need to rock your wedding plans like a superstar. It's time to shine, wedding style!

Free tickets are avaliable by using the promo code "PremierExpo" or you can purchase your elevated ticket for $40 while supplies last! Don't miss out!



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