Tips on Attending A Bridal Show

Thinking about attending a bridal expo?  Great idea!  Coming to a wedding expo is every brides and grooms rite of passage in planning a wedding! 

Here are some tips on navigating your way through the bridal show world;

How do you know you are attending a “good” bridal show?

In the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island, Orange Park and surrounding areas, there are many bridal shows and bridal open houses.  Some shows are small and some are large, like the Premier Bride Expo.  All of the 100+ vendors that participate at the Premier Bride Expo have been checked to ensure they have the proper licenses and insurance that the state of Florida requires.  We want to ensure that the very best vendors attend the show.  No matter what stage you are in the planning process, you will be able to meet vendors at our show.  There are category limits for each category so brides and grooms meet many different types of wedding vendors. Check out the wedding shows in the Jacksonville area here!

What should I bring to the show?

Labels.  One of the best bridal expo tips we can give is for brides and grooms to make labels that you can use to give to vendors, prizes and use for your registration.   Make sure you include the following on each label; Name, wedding date, phone number, address, email address,  and wedding location (if you have one or the city you want to be married in)!  Print off 20-50 labels and bring them with you the Premier Bride Expo. 

At each Premier Bride Expo, each couple will be given a swag bag…so you will have something to carry all of the information and goodies you pick up at the show.

If you have ideas or pictures of something you are looking for…bring them with you!  Vendors will be happy to discuss with you your ideas. 

Who should I bring to the show?

Bring the decision makers.  If you and your fiancé are making all the choices…bring them.  If your parents are helping, bring them.  If some of your close friends are helping you plan, ask them to come.  Be careful about bringing everyone…unless you are willing to hear all of their opinions.  Sometimes bringing too many people can become stressful.  We recommend just coming with the major decision makers, that way you can make decisions and the expo!

What is the dress code?

The dress code is casual.  We are in Florida so flip flops, sun dresses, shorts and tank tops are perfectly fine!  There are a lot of pictures taken at the expo and video, so just be aware you might be on camera!

How much time does it take to walk around the show?

This depends on what stage you are in the planning process.  If you are in the beginning stages and you want to talk to lots of vendors, it might take you 3 hours.  If you are at the final stages of planning, it might take you 30 minutes to an hour to walk the floor.  There are lots of things to see, live music to listen too, food to taste and so much more. 

Are kids allowed?

Kids are allowed but they are not encouraged.  Kids under 5 are free, but over 5 they will need to purchase a ticket.  If you can find a babysitter, we suggest it.  You will enjoy the show a lot more without having to keep an eye on the little ones.  There are lots of decorations and breakables on display!

Are there prizes?

Yes, we give away lots of prizes!  This is why you should bring labels.  Almost all the vendors have a prize at their booth.  Each vendor decides how the prizes are given, some are given away at the main emcee booth and others are given away at the vendor booths.  The honeymoon/trips are always given away at 3:45 pm at the main emcee booth.