Wedding Theme Ideas

One popular trends in weddings in 2014 is the theme wedding.  For decades theme weddings have been popular, but now they are more popular than ever.  This can be attributed to wedding tv shows, blogs and magazines that promote and publish extreme themes and elaborate decors.  

It’s true, there are as many themes for your wedding as there are days of the year, but what really matters is what is going to make your day the most memorable.

The professional wedding vendors that you will meet at the bridal shows in Jacksonville and St. Augustine will help you make your wedding unique. 

One way to figure out your wedding theme is correlate it with the time of the year you are getting married.  The time of year you tie the knot determines colors of the wedding.

Spring-related theme weddings

In the springtime think gardens blooming, lace, the outdoors and fresh. It’s no secret that flowers are at their most beautiful this time of year so consider all those plants that can make your wedding special. Colors tend to be pastels or lighter/muted shades of pinks, purples, greens, blues, yellows or nudes.  Surprise your guests with both outstanding colors and the fragrance to match.

Summer-related theme weddings

While spring might be a time for growing new things, summer themed weddings are bright and vibrant.  If you love rich colors, a summer wedding might be the perfect time for you to get married.  Electric blues, rich purples, bright pinks and vivid oranges are all great colors for summer weddings.  Wedding themes that revolve around fun and outdoors are great for summer. 

Fall-related theme weddings

Many fall weddings have reds, oranges, yellows, grays and greens that embrace Halloween or the fall harvest. .  As the weather is changing and the seasons are moving into a quieter time, so can your wedding memories remind you of how important change is in your own life.   Themes with lace, burlap, foliage, and vegetables are great for the fall!  

Winter-related theme weddings

Winter is indeed a special time to exchange wedding vows be it during Christmas, on Valentine’s Day or simply by creating your own winter wonderland theme.  Since we live in Florida, Georgia or Alabama….we should not expect snow…but your theme can be centered around it.  Colors for a winter wedding; blues, reds, greens, neutrals or black.  



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