What is a High Top Booth Space?

What is a High Top Booth Space?


The simple answer is the size.  We offer two types of booth spaces at our expos; a Standard Booth and a High Top Booth.  Our standard booth is a 10x10 booth space and the High Top is a 5x5 space.


High Top booths spaces are reserved for only certain categories like musicians, wedding officiants, direct marketing companies, or types of business that might not require a lot of space to display but want to meet brides and grooms face to face.


The High Top space comes with pipe, drape, a 30 inch round table, linen, a sign for your booth, 1 lunch ticket, bag stuffer, ability to participate in prizes and give-a-ways, leads and online listing!


You can bring in additional tables but they must fit within the booth space, nothing can overhang in the aisles!


Here are some images of high top booths spaces.