Tips on Attending A Bridal Show

Thinking about attending a bridal expo?  Great idea!  Coming to a wedding expo is every brides and grooms rite of passage in planning a wedding! 

Here are some tips on navigating your way through the bridal show world;

How do you know you are attending a “good” bridal show?

In the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island, Orange Park and surrounding areas, there are many bridal shows and bridal open houses.  Some shows are small and some are large, like the Premier Bride Expo.  All of the 100+ vendors that participate at the Premier Bride Expo have been checked to ensure they have the proper licenses and insurance that the state of Florida requires.  We want to ensure that the very best vendors attend the show.  No matter what stage you are in the planning process, you will be able to meet vendors at our show.  There are category limits for each category so brides and grooms meet many different types of wedding vendors. Check out the wedding shows in the Jacksonville area here!

What should I bring to the show?

Labels.  One of the best bridal expo tips we can give is for brides and grooms to make labels that you can use to give to vendors, prizes and use for your registration.   Make sure you include the following on each label; Name, wedding date, phone number, address, email address,  and wedding location (if you have one or the city you want to be married in)!  Print off 20-50 labels and bring them with you the Premier Bride Expo. 

At each Premier Bride Expo, each couple will be given a swag bag…so you will have something to carry all of the information and goodies you pick up at the show.

If you have ideas or pictures of something you are looking for…bring them with you!  Vendors will be happy to discuss with you your ideas. 

Who should I bring to the show?

Bring the decision makers.  If you and your fiancé are making all the choices…bring them.  If your parents are helping, bring them.  If some of your close friends are helping you plan, ask them to come.  Be careful about bringing everyone…unless you are willing to hear all of their opinions.  Sometimes bringing too many people can become stressful.  We recommend just coming with the major decision makers, that way you can make decisions and the expo!

What is the dress code?

The dress code is casual.  We are in Florida so flip flops, sun dresses, shorts and tank tops are perfectly fine!  There are a lot of pictures taken at the expo and video, so just be aware you might be on camera!

How much time does it take to walk around the show?

This depends on what stage you are in the planning process.  If you are in the beginning stages and you want to talk to lots of vendors, it might take you 3 hours.  If you are at the final stages of planning, it might take you 30 minutes to an hour to walk the floor.  There are lots of things to see, live music to listen too, food to taste and so much more. 

Are kids allowed?

Kids are allowed but they are not encouraged.  Kids under 5 are free, but over 5 they will need to purchase a ticket.  If you can find a babysitter, we suggest it.  You will enjoy the show a lot more without having to keep an eye on the little ones.  There are lots of decorations and breakables on display!

Are there prizes?

Yes, we give away lots of prizes!  This is why you should bring labels.  Almost all the vendors have a prize at their booth.  Each vendor decides how the prizes are given, some are given away at the main emcee booth and others are given away at the vendor booths.  The honeymoon/trips are always given away at 3:45 pm at the main emcee booth. 

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Premier Bride Expo - Jacksonville - Everbank Field

Premier Bride Magazine was a proud sponsor the first wedding expo at Everbank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, on January 18th 2015.

The first bridal expo ever hosted at Everbank Fields, West Touchdown Club was a huge success!

Brides, grooms, friends and family members all came to experience 3 floors or wedding bliss! Over 100 vendors filled the Touchdown Club with food, fashion, tents, live music, décor, cakes & sweets, beautiful photos and so much more.

The theme of the show was “Steampunk.”  Steampunk is all about the turn of the century inventions…it is like a Victorian pirate.  Gears, light bulbs, typewriters, lace, top hats, corsets, feathers and deep, rich dark colors is what Steampunk is all about!  Check out the fashion spread in the new issue of Premier Bride Magazine for more inspirations!

Like all wedding expos, every couple that comes to the expo gets a swag bag full of goodies and information.  There are plenty of prizes to be won and gifts to be given away during the bridal show. 

We always encourage any couple planning a wedding to attend a bridal show.  It is a fun way to meet your potential vendors!

At the bridal show you will find wedding vendors that service the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island, Orange Park, and surrounding areas.  Even if you are getting married in another city in Florida or having a destination wedding, many wedding vendors will travel.  Keep in mind that you have purchase many elements to your wedding on a local level…so you can find something for your wedding here!

We hope that you join us at the next bridal show at Everbank Field in June! 

Photos by Angela Christine Photography and Clearly In Focus





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Premier Bride Magazine presents the Premier Bride Expo at Everbank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, on June 28th 2015.

If you are planning a wedding, plan with us!

Everything you need to plan your wedding will be at the Premier Bride Expo!  Bring your fiancé, friends or family with you to the West Touchdown Club on June 28, 2015 from 1-4 pm.  Explore 3 floors of wedding vendors!  Jacksonville's top wedding professionals will be at the expo.  Wedding receptions, photographers, DJ's, cake bakers, caterers, bridal attire, decor companies, transportation and so much more!

Every couple that comes to the expo gets a swag bag full of goodies and information.  There are plenty of prizes to be won and gifts to be given away during the bridal show. 

A bridal show is a great way to meet your potential wedding vendors face to face!  It explores all of your senses too; taste test delicious food and wedding cake, see trends in weddings, smell the flowers, hear live music and touch the popular fabrics used in wedding dresses.  Attending a bridal show is a right of passage for couples…so don’t miss out on your chance.

Our wedding prize board is located in the lower club, by the circular bar.  Footloose Entertainment is our emcee for the show.  Throughout the show, Footloose will draw names of registered couples.  Make sure you check the prize board to see if you have won.  Names are written on the broad and you can claim your prize with Footloose.  Unclaimed prizes will be raffled off at 3:45 pm.  This is when the grand prize is also raffled off.  The grand prize is typically a trip or two or three!  In almost all cases you need to be present to win. 

Many of the wedding vendors also hold special drawings at their booths.  As you make your way around the show, talk to the vendors and they will tell you about their prize or special that you can take advantage of at the show.

One thing that makes the Premier Bride Expo unique is the live music.  We love to feature ceremony musicians and bands that you can hire on your wedding day.  We have a stage area where you can sit and enjoy the live music.

Tickets to the show can be purchased online or at the door.  We recommend that everyone who can, pre-register and pre-pay.  If you can’t print your tickets don’t worry, we can look you up by your online registration at our help desk at the show!

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Premier Bride - Butterfly Garden - St. Augustine

Premier Bride Magazine sponsored the 4th show at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village in St. Augustine on February 23rd 2014.  Each time we have a show it seems to get better and better!  We had over 135 booth spaces on the floor, including a live music stage where 4 bands and musicians played 35 minute sets, entertaining the brides and vendors!  Over 400 brides and their entourages came through our doors and spent 3 hours meeting with wedding vendors.

The entire ballroom was filled with vendors, over 110 unique business representing over 17 different wedding categories.  Everything a bride needs to plan her wedding could be found at the Premier Wedding Exp in St. Augustine!

At the bridal show, we were able to give away thousands upon thousands in prizes and give-a-ways – including not one but two trips!  Two lucky brides won vacations, one  seven day trip and one  three day trip as the grand prizes.  Brides and grooms also won engagement rings, spa trips, photography packages, jewelry,  gift certificates,  dinner gift cards, bottles of wine, $100 gift certificates from WeddingStar and so much more!

No bride goes home empty handed at, each bride that walks through the door gets a swag bag full of goodies, information and free magazines like Premier Bride and WeddingStar

We were excited to welcome some new exhibitors to our St. Augustine bridal show!  The first time exhibitors to this show were; Box of Brilliance Wedding Videos, Carnival Cruise Lines, Chloe + Isabel Jewelry by Fabulous with V, Courtney Whtiehurst Photography, DJ Connection, Flowers OMG, I Do Glamour, Jade Violet Wedding Floral Boutique,  Mattamy Homes, Ocho Ink Productions, PIATA,  The Backstreet Blazers Band, The Pioneer Barn, The Lovely Loo, The Reflections Studio, and the Watercolors by Liz!  For a complete list of all of our vendors, and their profiles click here!

Our next bridal show in St. Augustine is taking place on June 22nd at the Renaissance Resort, make sure you pre-register online if  you are a bride and reserve your booth space if you are vendor!  We do sell out every shows and some categories sell out quicker than others….so don’t be left out!

Here are some pictures from the show;

A bride, her bridesmaid and mom meeting vendors!

Brides just wanna have fun....

Kris Graham Photography, McGee Entertainment and DJ Connection - awesome vendors!

Brides shopping for wedding dresses



Premier Bride - Woodland Romance

Premier Bride Magazine is a proud sponsor of the bridal show in St. Augustine Florida at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village.  This show kicks off the summer bridal show season for North Florida and you don’t want to miss meeting over 100 professional wedding vendors ! 

If you are planning a wedding….plan your wedding with us!  All of the vendors at the bridal show are true wedding professionals.  They specialize in their wedding category and are eager to meet brides and grooms to help them plan their wedding day.

No matter what stage you are in your wedding planning process, the wedding expo has something for you.  In the beginning stages you are looking at reception venues, wedding dresses,  wedding planners and photographers.  The middle stages you book your DJ or band, cake designer,  invitations, videographer and at the end you look at honeymoons, gift registries, and transportation.  Of course there are many other categories that are part of your wedding planning process…so  attend the show and meet the vendors that will complete your day!

Here is the latest show poster for our June 22nd show in St. Augustine.  This photo was taken by Caroline Momberg Photography and the beautiful bride is Liz. 

The theme for the show is “Woodland Romance.”  Visit our Pinterest board for our inspiration behind the theme!

6 Tips to Planning a Less Stressful Wedding

You’re engaged – hooray! Now the fun begins of planning a lovely wedding… trying on wedding dresses, registering for gifts, choosing the perfect party favor and so much more. Then reality sets in, and you discover that planning a wedding takes an incredible amount of work. It requires making countless decisions, handling thousands of details, juggling endless tasks and errands, and doing it all while also maintaining your relationships, job, life and sanity. What’s a stressed-out bride-to-be to do? For starters, take a deep breath, every bride has gone through this process.  By following a couple simple steps you can make the process of planning your wedding much more enjoyable!


Start early. Obviously, the more time you have to plan, the more breathing room you have, and the more options you’ll have for wedding vendors. Give yourselves at least a year if possible, so that you can spread the work out over time, and have the most flexibility in securing your first-choice vendors. If you plan on having a whirlwind wedding we recommend that you hire a planner, their guidance can make the process run smoother if  you getting married in a 2-8 month time frame!


Hire a planner. Your experience will be better and so will your families.  Not everyone can afford to hire a full service coordinator, but at least leave room in your budget for the day of coordinator.  Trust us, someone needs to be guiding and directing wedding vendors, guest, and the bridal party the day of.  You do not want to be left with making all of the decisions…you want to be enjoying your day!


Attend the Premier Bride Expo. The Premier Bride Expo only allows professional wedding vendors to exhibit.  Each exhibitor specializes in weddings and events and they are eager to help you plan your special day.  A bridal expo is a great resource.  Typically there are 60 to 125 different vendors in a wide range of categories.  If you are in the infant stages of planning your wedding, come to the expo to meet your wedding planner, research wedding venues, look at photographers work and set appointments for the dress shops.  If you have those elements planned, then come to the expo to find a videographer, a florist, taste test cakes, check out honeymoon locations, pick out invitations, start your gift registry, find a makeup artist, listen to a live band or DJ or meet décor and rental companies.  And if you have everything planned….there are vendors you can meet with for life after the wedding, like financial planners, home builders, and other service companies!  Our bridal shows are in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Jekyll Island, Savannah and Daphne AL. Click here for upcoming shows!


Stay organized. Here are the basics you’ll need to manage all the details, deadlines and duties: Have one large manila envelope to hold all contracts and receipts. Have another one on hand for all information, ideas, notes and resources. (This could also be a binder, or an accordion file… whatever works for you, just as long as it’s all in one place.) Keep all wedding-related books, papers and other items in one place – the bookshelf in your home office, the corner of the guest bedroom – so that you always know where to find something. And finally, write everything down. Keep a “wedding notebook” and a detailed calendar where you can put everything in writing. Don’t assume you’ll remember – 47 details later it may be gone! Click here for the Premier Bride Planning Guide Tips.


Take breaks. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in all things wedding that you forget to see movies, visit with friends on non-wedding topics, catch up on the world news… Take regular restorative breaks from wedding planning where you don’t think about, talk about, or work on anything wedding-related. And remember there is life beyond the wedding!


Cultivate gratitude. When frustration or stress overwhelms you, take a moment to focus on everything going right, and everything in your life that is good. Write them down, or call a friend to share your ‘gratitude list.’ You’ll feel better in no time and regain your perspective. This is also a good time to take a break – see above! And, call your wedding consultant and let them help.


We hope this tips will help you plan the wedding of your dreams and we hope to see you at the next Premier Bride Expo!

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Premier Bride - Butterfly Garden - February 23

The Premier Bride Magazine is excited to sponsor the bridal show in St. Augustine Florida!  The show is located at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village in the large convention ballroom at the resort.  Each February and June the expo comes to the halls in St. Johns Country. 

Almost 140 booth spaces fill the floor.  Wedding vendors from St. Augustine and the surrounding counties occupy the booth spaces.  Everything  you need to plan your wedding can be found at the expo.  Many St. Augustine wedding reception venues can be found at the show like;  Colonial Quarter of St. Augustine,  The Hilton Historic Bayfront St. Augustine, Holiday Isle Ocean Front Resort, King and Bear, Slammer and Squire Club Houses, Marsh Creek Country Club, Renaissance World Golf Village, Serenata Beach Club, St. Johns Golf and Country Club, The Palencia Club, The Pioneer Barn and The White Room! In addition to the St. Augustine reception venues, you will also find venues in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Amelia Island, Southern Georgia and other parts of Florida!

St. Augustine is a big destination wedding location and if you are a destination bride…there will be many local vendors.  Other St. Augustine local wedding vendors include;  Cadeau, wedding invitations and gift registries, Chloe + Isabel by Vanessa Kromer, great for bridesmaid jewelry, wedding jewelry and fashion jewelry, Daniel Thompson Bridals , custom wedding dress designs, Jade Violet Wedding Floral Bouquets, flowers, Jill Stonier Professional Makeup Artist, Joel Bagnal, Goldsmith, Michaels Formalwear has a location in St. Johns County, Old Town Trolleys, wedding day transportation, Watercolors by Liz, paints your wedding dress, and the St. Augustine Wedding and Events Association!

Everything you need to plan  your wedding will be at the bridal expo.  Over 130 wedding booths will be filling the floor!

If you pre-register you will receive a special email detailing the prizes and give-a-ways for the show.


More vendor informatoin can be found by visiting Premier Bride of Northeast Florida

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Midnight Masquerade - Wedding Theme

It is fun to pick a wedding theme!  Since we live in the South, we love Mardi Gras and here is our take on how you can decorate your wedding with this theme! 

A bride might not want a full on Mardi Gras theme…so we toned it down a bit calling it “Midnight Masquerade.”  This allows you keep the feel of Mardi Gras but change the colors and the tone of the event. 

When creating your wedding inspirations boards it is important to find elements that inspire you or move you.  Never do you want to copy someone’s work or ask your wedding professionals to duplicate it to a T.  Be creative and let your wedding pros be creative so they can create a wedding that is yours and yours alone.  Unique is key!

Here are the inspirations our team has for the theme “Midnight Masquerade”

First,  we feel you have to have a dramatic ball gown dress.  This ornate gown would definitely set the tone for sleek and sophisticated “Midnight Masquerade”

A dark red, black or grey would be our color choice for the bridesmaid dresses.  We prefer the deep red in a chiffon fabric that is flows.  We would suggest a long dress for the more dramatic look.

If you are having a masquerade, then you have to have masks.  This is where we would splurge on the budget and make your guests masks dramatic so they get into the theme as well.  Each mask could be their name card when finding their seat and entering into the reception.  Keep the masks in neurtal colors like silver, black,  or gold so they go well with the guests outfits.

Splurge on a mask of your own.  Make sure your mask will stay on your face without holding it.  You will be doing a lot of hugging and dancing and you want your hands free.

For your bouquet  think about a brooch bouquet – it is a perfect theme to rock this look.  Or we love the white and black flowers with hints of feathers in the bouquet.

Cocktail hour or ceremony…or both…think about hiring an opera singer.  It can’t get more romantic and perfect for your wedding theme.

We love dramatic and over the top cake table displays….and you can go all out.  This two colored multi fabric table cloth is stunning.  We also like a bold wedding color for the cake…possibly red?

For the reception décor for “Midnight Masquerade” we love roses and candelabras.  The romantic glow of candles sets a perfect tone and roses are classic and elegant choice.  Dramatic lighting and warm tones will enhance the experience.   

If you have the ability of hosting your reception in an old theater…do it.  Having this theme in an historic theater would set your wedding over the top!

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Butterfly Garden Themed Wedding

At each Premier Bride Expo an extra special twist is added to each show that brides and vendors enjoy…our shows are themed.  Vendors are encouraged to decorate their booth according to each theme and the entrance ways and stages also reflect the show theme.

Wedding themes are very popular.  It is not just about colors anymore but brides and grooms are looking to set a mood that can be carried through from the invitations to ceremony to the reception  and all of the special elements in between. 

As producers of the show we try to pick themes that are a direct reflection of what is trending in weddings and sometimes we choose a timeless classic. 

The wedding vendors that will be at the Premier Bride Expo in St. Augustine Florida are extremely talented.  Brides, grooms, friends and families are in for a treat who attend this show.  Over 130 booth spaces will fill the floor with the most talented, creative and professional wedding vendors in the area.

The theme for the St. Augustine bridal show is “Butterfly Garden.”  Florida is full of beautiful flowers, wildlife and outdoor settings, so we loved the possibilities and the creative ideas we thought of when thinking of “Butterfly Garden.” 

A trip to the Jacksonville Zoo inspired this theme….they have a butterfly garden that people love to gather in and take in the wonder of this beautiful, colorful creatures.

If the team at the Premier Wedding Expo was to plan a wedding with the theme of “Butterfly Garden” this is what the important elements of the wedding would look like!

When creating a wedding inspiration board, it is important not to copy someone else’s work or ask a wedding vendor to mimic someone else’s ideas.  Make your wedding unique and think of your own special touches!

One of our favorite aspects of the Butterfly Garden Theme is the bright flowers.  If you love color this theme is perfect for you!   When selecting your flowers, make sure you select  flowers that butterfly’s are drawn too.  They make interesting choices in arrangements and bouquets and your guests will ohh and awe over them!

Pinks, yellows, oranges and blueish purples are great choices.  You can get really creative with the flowers.


It is important in any wedding theme not to overdo it…which can be easily done.  You don’t have to have a butterfly on everything…but if you “sprinkle “ them  throughout the ceremony and reception it will tie everything together.  We love having fake butterflies on the Allium Flower. 

Have a real butterfly release at the ceremony – it is fitting and will be fun element for your guests

Add a butterfly to the bridal parties hair or to the brides hair.  It is sweet touch that will enhance the theme without being overbearing and it will add an element of interest to your pictures.

We would choose short, soft purple bridesmaid dresses.  The soft purple will go great with the bright and vibrant color flowers and is a complimentary color to green.

Think of an element that your guest might not expect.  Make origami butterflies for their place cards and make them find them on a tree  or on green shrub bushes or have them sitting on flowers, displayed like a garden.

The table décor should be low and people should be able to see across the table.  We like the idea of long tables with bright colored flowers and lots of green.  We would change the lights to lanterns…it seems more butterfly esk to us!

For the cake, you could easily go with butterflies but we prefer the fresh flower look.  Again, you don’t want to overdo it.  Using flowers that you used in bridal bouquets or on the tables to incorporate the look!

Here is our take on the wedding theme "Butterfly Garden"



Wedding Reception Venues in St. Augustine

Are you following the “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” tradition on your wedding day?  If so, think about making St. Augustine  “Something Old.”  Considering it is the oldest city in America it is a perfect fit. 

St. Augustine is the perfect setting for a wedding.  The old Spanish feel gives off a historic and romantic feel if you get married in the city.  St. Augustine Beach provides the Florida beach backdrop with sand dunes, wide beaches, and piers.   St. Augustine also offers golf club and country club wedding venues.   


The Palencia Club

600 Palencia Club Drive

St. Augustine FL 32095



The Palencia Club offers brides and grooms a country club feel with beautiful lake views.


Marsh Creek Country Club

169 Marshside Drive

St. Augustine FL 32080



Marsh Creek Country Club offers brides and grooms a country club feel with beautiful views of the marsh and the intracoastal waterway.


The White Room

One King Street

St. Augustine FL 32084



The White Room offers brides and grooms roof top views of historic St. Augustine in the heart of downtown St. Augustine. 


Sawgrass Country Club

10034 Golf Club Drive

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082



The Sawgrass Country Club offers brides and grooms two stunning options.  One is on the golf course and the other wedding venue is oceanfront.


Ponte Vedra Inn and Club

200 Ponte Vendra Boulevard

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082


The Ponte Vedra Inn and Club offers brides and grooms beautiful country club feel with views of their immaculate golf course.


The Lodge & Club

607 Ponte Vedra Blvd

Ponte Vendra Beach, FL 32082



The Lodge and Club at the Ponte Vedra Resorts gives brides and groom close to indoor panoramic views of the ocean.


Hilton Historic Bayfront St. Augustine

32 Avenida Menendez St

St. Augustine FL 32084



The Hilton on the Historic Bayfront in St. Augustine gives brides and grooms great views of downtown St. Augustine while located in the heart of the historic district.


St. Johns Golf and Country Club

204 St. Johns Golf Drive

St. Augustine FL 32092



St. Johns Golf and Country Club gives brides and grooms perfect golf course views and lake landscapes.


Colonial Quarter St. Augustine

33 St. George Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084



The Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine gives brides and grooms one of the most unique wedding settings, located right off of the famous St. George street.


Serenata Beach Club

3175 S. Ponte Vedra Blvd

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082



The Serenata Beach Club gives brides and grooms ocean views in an elegant beach club location for a beach wedding scene.


Holiday Isle Ocean Front Resort

860 A1A Beach Blvd

St. Augustine Beach, FL 32080



The Holiday Isle Ocean Front Resort is one of the only venues located oceanfront in St. Augustine Beach, complete with ballroom for the wedding reception.


Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort  & Spa

1000 PGA Tour Blvd

Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082



The Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa offers brides and grooms several ceremony locations with grand ballrooms for the wedding reception.


King & Bear

2 World Golf Place

St. Augustine, FL 32091


The King & Bear offers brides and grooms a wedding reception venue  golf course views from famous golf course designers.


Slammer & Squire

2 World Golf Place

St. Augustine FL 32092



The Slammer & Squire offers brides and grooms a reception venue located onsite at the World Golf Hall of Fame.


The Milano Room

1915 B A1A

St. Augustine FL 32084



The Milano Banquet Room is attached to the famous Amici’s Restaurant in St. Augustine Beach. They offer brides and grooms a great room with great Italian food.


Marsh Landing Country Club

25655 Marsh Landing Parkway

Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082



Marsh Landing Country Club has a stunning club house with golf course and marsh views.


Riverview Club

790 Christina Dr

St. Augustine FL 32086



The Riverview Club in St. Augustine offers brides and grooms around 5,000 square feet of indoor space located on the intracoastal waterway.   


Renaissance World Golf Village Resort and Beach Club

500 South Legacy Trail

St. Augustine, FL 32092



The Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village offers brides and grooms many different options for the ceremony and reception sites, including one of the largest ballrooms in North Florida.


St. Augustine Visitors and Convention’s Center  and the St. Augustine Wedding and Events Association are other great resources if you are planning your wedding in this historic city. Make sure you come to the Premeir Wedding Expo in St. Augustine to see many of these great wedding venues!

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